City of Belleair Bluffs

Some said it couldn't be done - others said we'd never make it". That quote from one of the city's founders was made on March 4, 1963 when a New England type town meeting was held and the Town of Belleair Bluffs on the western shore of Pinellas County was born. Meetings of the first Town Council were held in various business offices. In 1963 and in spite of objections, the Town Council approved the purchase of a building at 115 Florence Drive for $30,000 to be used as a Town Hall.
Debra Sullivan, City Administrator

Phone: 727-584-2151

City of Largo Recreation, Parks and Arts Department

Award winning recreation programs, facilities, performing arts, parks, sports, golf, nature centers within City of Largo, but available to all.
Mark Abdo

Phone: 727-587-6720

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